At BIOSTEC 2020, the International Conference dedicated to Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, Ana Rita Londral (VOH.CoLAB’s CEO) was invited to attend the Workshop “Best Practices for Scaling-Up Digital Innovations in Healthcare – Scale-IT-up 2020”.

Led by Hannes Schlieter (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany) and Tobias Kowatsch (Center for Digital Health Interventions, ETH Zurich & University of St.Gallen, Switzerland), the initiative explored the topics around the question: how can a sustainable digital health innovations’ diffusion and adoption be successfully reached?

Scale-IT-up 2020 was a great opportunity to present the user-centered design methodology in the implementation of real-life pilots that is being followed by VOH.CoLAB!

Position paper:
Azevedo, S. and Londral, A. (2020) Digital innovation in outpatient healthcare delivery services: a common methodology to introduce IoT technologies in two use-cases.