COVID-19 has arrived without notice, breaking the exhausted national healthcare systems all over Europe and the rest of the world.

For our consortium, this pandemic impacted in different magnitudes:

  • our nurse team from José de Mello Saúde invested all their efforts in fighting the pandemic by being side-by-side with their patients;
  • VOH.CoLAB, Promptly and Ubiwhere focused their resources in advancing at full speed the development and testing of this digital home care service.

Once senior patients and their caregivers, even without being infected with COVID-19, still require health care, our mission got stronger. Health care systems are running at their maximum capacity, so it is our responsibility to develop technology that enhances the performance of the healthcare professionals and guarantees patients’ safety.

Today, we were able to test the platform for the first time. In the next few days, we will be testing devices that will be used by patients at their homes to monitor their health. Just by looking at a tablet, the nurse will be able to adjust treatment, change medication or anticipate a home care appointment.

CUFIoT4AHA and ACTIVAGE Project wish the best to all during these more difficult times!