We are providing the service “Value analysis in patients submitted to anticoagulant therapeutics: impact of empowerment to self-management through coagulometers” to Roche Diagnostics.

Telemonitored patients are submitted to anticoagulant therapeutics at the Cardiothoracic Surgery Service of Hospital de Santa Marta – Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa Central.

From home, patients measure & send the INR value and report symptoms via chatbot.

At the hospital, surgeons access the platform and analyse the alarm system developed to make informed clinical decisions.

We are collaborating with the clinical team to:

  • design a 1-year telemonitoring service;
  • develop a provider-centered web-based platform;
  • create a user-friendly chatbot;
  • assess the value of the digital solution.

Calendário do Projeto: DD/MM/2021 a DD/MM/2022