Value for Health CoLAB
Help people and organizations, worldwide, measuring value in health to empower them to take the right decisions.
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Cedoc | Yellow Building, Nova Medical School, Edifício CEDOC I, Rua do Instituto Bacteriológico, n.ºs 5, 5-A e 5-B Lisboa Portugal 1150-190
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Value for Health CoLAB is accelerating the paradigm shift to Value-Based Healthcare.

VOH.CoLAB is a non-profit private organization whose mission is to measure value in Health. The founding partners have centralized competencies and resources to create this CoLAB to accelerate the fundamental restructuring of Healthcare delivery towards a paradigm shift to Value-Based Healthcare, in which Citizens’ engagement is essential.

We are recognized as a "Collaborative Laboratory", title by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology since May 2019. Our team gathers multidisciplinary skills from the areas of Data Science, Economy, Digital Health and Health Literacy, to model valuable health pathways throughout the full cycle of care, engaging all stakeholders.

  • Consortia

    of collaborative research

    If your organization has interest in developing research and broaden its international network, we can help in developing applications to national and international grants. We will support the integration of your organization in consortia in which we will also be partners.

    We may contribute to develop knowledge areas that are our pillars: outcomes and costs in health, health literacy, citizens’ empowerment and value in health.

  • Services

    of collaborative research

    We can work collaboratively, whether your organization is private or public. We have specialists researchers in different areas of knowledge (data science, digital health, management, economy, health literacy). Our link to Academia allows to develop innovative solutions that are customized accordingly to the needs of each context.

    It will be a pleasure to present you a quotation!

Our activities combine research and service delivery, due to our mission of transferring knowledge from academia to society. Transdisciplinarity and digital transformation are the disruptive forces that guide Value for Health CoLAB to achieve innovative and valuable results for the society and the Healthcare market.

Our Founding Partners

  • NOVA University of Lisbon was founded on the 11th of August 1973. Aiming at innovating in the Portuguese higher education and contributing for social and economic development, digital transformation and the challenges raised by huge amounts of data are under the scope of the NOVA. An evidence of this is VOH.CoLAB creation: a collaborative lab that gathers healthcare experts, social and computer scientists to study, test and validate disruptive healthcare solutions which contribute for better results in Health.

  • CUF is a reference company of high quality healthcare in Portugal that, with over 8.900 collaborators, aims at contributing for the development of the country. Across its integrated network of high performance Health Units, CUF is looking for technology partners and value measurement experts to help providing patient-centered healthcare and engaging patients into self-management of their health.

  • Vodafone Portugal is a global telecommunications operator. Leader in innovation, it reaches around 3 million households and businesses with its fiber network and 4.7 million customers with its mobile network. Vodafone aims at testing and validating new added-value connectivity products and services which help overcoming inequalities in access to Healthcare and improving citizens' quality of life.

  • The Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research (Fraunhofer Portugal), is a non-profit private organization founded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organization for applied research in Europe. Focused on the development of digital and innovative solutions, Fraunhofer Portugal beliefs that technology allows citizens to transparently measure value in Health.

Our Team

  • To help people and organizations measuring value in Health, empowering everyone to take the right decisions.

Our Mission

To help people and organizations measuring value in Health, empowering everyone to take the right decisions.


Our Values

  • Contribute to a value-based Health Global Network

  • Defend and respect the citizen's voice

  • Transfer knowledge

  • Promote Health Literacy

  • Work for the sustainability of the healthcare systems​

  • Innovate to add value in Health

  • Ensure data integrity, security and trust​