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We innovate and take decisions collaborating cientifically with top researchers.

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  • Conferência Biostec 2022 | Workshop Scale-IT-UP!

    Remote Patient Monitoring Systems based on Conversational Agents for Health Data Collection

    Dias, P. ; Cardoso, M. ; Guede-Fernandez, F. ; Martins, A. ; Londral, A.

    Fevereiro 2022

  • Journal of Medical Internet Research

    Scaling-Up Digital Innovations in Healthcare: Expert Commentary on Enablers and Barriers

    Otto, L. ; Kowatsh, T. ; Londral, A. et al.


  • JMIR Mhealth Uhealth

    Domains and Methods Used to Assess Home Telemonitoring Scalability: Systematic Review

    Azevedo S. ; Rodrigues T.C. ; Londral A.


  • BMJ Open

    Which outcomes are most important to measure in patients with COVID-19 and how and when should these be measured? Development of an international standard set of outcomes measures for clinical use in patients with COVID-19: a report of the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) COVID-19 Working Group

    Seligman WH; Fialho L; Sillett N; Nielsen C; Baloch FM; Collis P; Demedts IKM; Fleck MP; Floriani MA; Gabriel LEK; Gagnier JJ; Keetharuth A; Londral A; Ludwig IIL; Lumbreras C; Moscoso Daza A; Muhammad N; Nader Bastos GA; Owen CW; Powers JH; Russell AM; Smith MK; Wang TY; Wong EK; Woodhouse DC; Zimlichman E; Brinkman K.


  • HealthManagement

    CardioFollow.AI - A Digital Follow-up Service Expanded Beyond the Hospital Walls

    Londral, A. ; Azevedo, S. ; Santos, J. ; Coelho, P.


  • 7th International conference on Bio Signals, Images and Instrumentation (ICBSII)

    Length of Stay Prediction in Acute Intensive Care Unit in Cardiothoracic Surgery Patients

    Nafiseh Mollaei; Ana Rita Londral; Catia Cepeda; Salomé Azevedo; Jorge Pinheiro Santos; Pedro Coelho; José Fragata; Hugo Gamboa

    Março 2021

  • Conferência Biostec 2020 | Workshop Scale-IT-up!

    Digital innovation in outpatient healthcare delivery services: a common methodology to introduce IoT technologies in two use-cases

    Azevedo, S. and Londral, A.

    Março 2020

  • TREC (Text Retrieval Conference) 2020

    VOH.CoLAB at TREC 2020 Health Misinformation Track

    Gonçalves, G. and Martins, F.

    Novembro 2020

  • TREC (Text Retrieval Conference) 2020

    VOH.CoLAB at TREC 2020 Precision Medicine Track

    Gonçalves, G. and Martins, F.

    Novembro 2020