Value for Health CoLAB
Help people and organizations, worldwide, measuring value in health to empower them to take the right decisions.
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Cedoc | Yellow Building, Nova Medical School, Edifício CEDOC I, Rua do Instituto Bacteriológico, n.ºs 5, 5-A e 5-B Lisboa Portugal 1150-190
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What is the Value of Your Health?

We are working collaboratively to answer this question.
Our CoLAB validates innovative methodologies to measure outcomes and costs that influence the health value of every person. We provide trustful scientific evidence under the scope of value-based Healthcare principles.

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Value for Health CoLAB is accelerating the paradigm shift to value-based healthcare.

We are supporting people and organizations worldwide to measure value in health, enabling everyone appropriate decisions.

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What do we deliver?

We provide R&D services to support patients, clinical teams, innovators and industry for better healthcare. We have skills in digital health, data science, health economics & management and health literacy.

  • Outcomes definition

    For a specific condition or healthcare service, we collaborate with clinical teams and patients to define the most relevant clinical, patient-reported, social and economic outcomes.

  • Patient Pathway Design

    By engaging patients, caregivers and healthcare providers, we analyze healthcare data and patient journeys to accurately characterize and design inpatient and outpatient pathways that support better care.

  • Patient empowerment for digital health

    We work with partners to implement digital-based and patient-centered healthcare pathways. We provide expertize in health and digital literacy to empower patients to report their own health outcomes through IoT and smart mobile devices, as also to engage them in recovery. We are leveraging digital health and literacy towards high-value care.

  • Cost Analysis

    We apply cost-analysis methodologies, such as Time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC), to analyze costs along health pathways. The engagement and input of providers is crucial for successful costs’ monitoring, better clinical decision-making and organizational change management.

  • Value Assessment

    We apply cutting-edge scientific methods and transfer scientific knowledge into healthcare organizations, enabling them to collect and analyze health outcomes and costs, accurately assess Value in healthcare processes, efficiently manage their resources and improve clinical practice.

Everyday we collaborate with incredible partners

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