The agenda “BLOCKCHAIN.PT – Decentralizing Portugal with Blockchain” creates a national blockchain consortium with the vision of leveraging blockchain technology as an engine of innovation and with the goal of seizing national and international business opportunities promoted by this technology.

This agenda will enable Portugal to ensure a leadership position in Europe in this technology, helping the country become more digital, green, and resilient.

“Decentralizing Portugal” has a dual meaning:

 a) decentralizing Portugal through blockchain technology;

 b) decentralizing Portugal geographically (most of the proposed projects, as well as organizations and allocated investment, are outside the Lisbon region).

With an investment exceeding € 59 million, it will allow the launch of 26 products with high export potential and scalability and will result in 84 technical-scientific publications co-authored between companies and ENESII.

The consortium is led by Void Software, S.A. and consists of 50 entities:

– 20 companies


– 4 public entities

– 10 associated partners

– 1 Competitiveness Cluster.

Value for Health CoLAB is one of the ENESII entities.

The structure of the agenda comprises six vertical Work Packages led by companies and four transversal Work Packages (led by 2 ENESII, 1 Cluster, and, in the case of the Management WP, by the consortium leader).

The vertical Work Packages focus on developing solutions for different sectors of the economy or society, such as Agriculture and Agri-food; Health and Well-being; Sustainable Development and Smart Territories; Sports, Culture, and Leisure; Data and Knowledge Economy; and Digital Asset Management.

The transversal Work Packages are dedicated to creating an innovation ecosystem focused on the use of these technologies, which enhances the broad multisectoral adoption of both the direct results of the agenda and the knowledge created and collected during its execution.

Project description (content in Portuguese)