The excessive use of hospitals’ emergency services is a worldwide problem, with a consequent burden in Health systems. Portugal is no exception.

In 2016, in an attempt to understand this hurdle, Hospital Garcia de Orta (HGO) and Agrupamento de Centros de Saúde Almada-Seixal (ACES AS) created the multidisciplinary team Grupo de Resolução de High Users (GRHU), constituted by nurses, medical doctors and social workers.

This group is developing a specialized intervention plan for those citizens who score 10 or more emergency episodes per year – high users  aiming at reducing this burden and increasing patients’ safety. 

Given VOH.CoLAB’s expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, we are now closely collaborating with GRHU to help them measuring the value of their intervention plan by evaluating data collected from the emergency service.

This collaborative project aims at:

  1. Characterizing care pathways of high users, both in health and social sectors;
  2. Assessing the value of GRHU’s intervention, by analyzing outcomes and costs in a value-based healthcare perspective.



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