We were invited to speak at the 1st Annual Summit of Comprehensive Health Research Centre (CHRC) on the 20th November, event coordinated by NOVA Medical School, Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (ENSP)Évora UniversityHospital de Santo Espírito and Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health.

Ana Rita Londral, our CEO, joined the round table Strategic future of digital transformation in Health, where she highlighted the urgency of collaboration and digital transformation for Health systems.

Salomé Pádua Azevedo, our Head of Digital Health, presented her systematic review on the Dimensions and methods used to assess home telemonitoring scalability. She alerted for the difficulty of decision makers to compare scalability results across the same home telemonitoring interventions given the arbitrary choice of the type of research and method.


Our take-home message during the event:

Collaboratively learning among academia, industry and society is the success key for the digital innovation that current challenges demand and scale-up of effective and efficient telemonitoring interventions.