Com@Rehab project is a collaborative research project that brings together several competences, such as linguistics, communication and health literacy, motor rehabilitation, virtual reality and game development, to facilitate health communication using technology.

In the current pandemic context, this collaborative research project focuses on the rehabilitation of post-Covid19 patients in the hospital context or at home.

VOH.CoLAB is participating in Com@Rehab by applying its competencies in Health Literacy in the Linguistic and Terminological components of the project, thus, improving communication between technology and patients.
This project entered the final stage of design and production for development phase of interactive VR game, aiming to contribute to the motor rehabilitation of post-COVID patients in the hospital and/or at home.

In recent months we have developed the verbal and non-verbal communication part of the interaction between therapist and patient to create a Virtual Reality (VR) game with different levels of difficulty, analysing the range of movements and associating them with linguistic descriptions, to lead to the correct execution of the exercises.

We have entered the phase of recording voice instructions and will soon move on to the usability testing phase.

At NOVA Science Day ceremony, on the 22nd September, the project was awarded by Santander/NOVA 2019-2020!

Project timeline: 22/09/2020 a 30/06/2022


Micaela FonsecaClaudia QuaresmaRute CostaSara CarvalhoAna Rita LondralRaquel Silva


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